Rutabaga Sunchoke Celeriace Potato Mash

You can use any of the above roots for this recipe! The only one you need to peel is celeriac- just peel the whole outside to leave the white fleshy root.


1 Celeriac, peeled

1 lb Rutabaga (dirt root parts cut off)

1 lb potato (german butterball or )

1/2 lb sunchokes

3 garlic cloves (optional)

Plain yogurt (I like to use this to make it more healthy and tangy, but feel free to add butter, sour cream, cream, cream cheese, or milk as well)


Salt and Pepper.

  1. Wash (if needed) and chop all roots into 2 inch cubes. Boil (with optional garlic) until tender with a pierced fork.

  2. Drain and blend with yogurt, cheese and spices (I like to use an immersion blender).

  3. Add any topping and enjoy! I like it with pesto!